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For car owners, proper tire maintenance is an exceptionally important task, as it ensures their car will keep driving safely. This is why Jim Burke Ford in Bakersfield, California, operates a full-service tire center where customers can ask about the best tire maintenance schedule for their vehicle, schedule appointments for tire repairs, and shop for new tires. 

With a robust inventory of name brands, an expert team that will point motorists to the right tires for them, and special offers to save buyers money, Jim Burke Ford is the go-to place for tire needs. Here’s a bit more information about tire services and the benefits drivers can experience when they service their car’s tires at Jim Burke Ford.

Types of Tires

Jim Burke Ford maintains an extensive inventory of tires of all types from brands that customers love. Knowing about the different types of tires helps customers choose which ones are the best for their driving habits, as there are varying features that make each type the perfect tire for a particular driver. For example, motorists who live in areas with intense winters with snow and ice should default to winter tires or all-season tires, as these often have a more tactile grip that helps keep cars steady and safe on slippery roads.

There are also tires geared toward optimizing performance, which is often appealing to customers who enjoy off-roading and traveling on varied terrain. All-terrain (AT) tires offer outstanding stability and tough tread patterns that make them ideal for driving on the highway as well as off the beaten path. If drivers typically stay on paved roads, they’ll be set with AT tires, but they can also get touring tires if they want the luxury of a quieter drive with great handling.

Drivers who live in areas with hot summers and frequent rain may prefer summer tires or AT tires, as these are made for speed and for maintaining traction on wet roads. Summer tires usually have great temperature resistance, allowing them to keep their condition during changing seasons instead of wearing due to expanding hot air.

Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is crucial for car owners, as a vehicle needs sturdy tires with good tread to drive safely. While it may be obvious that drivers should take their cars in for service when they notice a deflated or popped tire or visibly worn tread, there are many less noticeable reasons to get routine tire maintenance. For example, regular rotation and alignment reduce the chances of uneven wear and extend the useful life of the tires.

Similarly, routine tire inspections allow owners to identify potential issues so they can plan their time and budget to prevent them. When it’s time for tire repair or routine service, customers can make a service appointment at Jim Burke Ford, where our expert maintenance team will take supreme care in inspecting and repairing their tires. These appointments include inspections for wear, tread condition, and inflation. Drivers will leave with the peace of mind of knowing everything regarding their tires was taken care of by a qualified professional.

Choosing the Right Tires

When deciding which tires to purchase, there are a few tips customers can follow to ensure they choose the right tires for their vehicles and driving habits. For instance, Ford vehicles need tires that are compatible with their wheel size and seating capacity. To ensure they choose the tires that are most compatible with their make and model, motorists can use our Tire Finder online. This makes it easy to identify tires that fit a specific vehicle. All customers need to do is input their vehicle’s year, make, model, and trim, and then search through the inventory that appears.

Quality Assurance

At Jim Burke Ford, we know how important it is to purchase tires that will stand the test of time. That’s why we complete thorough quality assurance checks on all tires before selling them, ensuring we always provide buyers with tires that are in perfect, brand-new condition with no faults.

Our dealership also offers the Ford parts warranty, which is a guarantee on parts we sell directly from Ford. This warranty covers all Ford parts for two years, even including limited labor costs. This deal puts no limits on mileage, so customers can take advantage of the warranty without worrying they’ve hit their maximum.

Pricing and Special Offers

Vehicle owners love getting their tires serviced at Jim Burke Ford, as our dealership provides a variety of special offers that cut the costs of repairs and tire purchases. There are different deals for various tire types and sizes, so customers should explore our service deals page or contact us to ask about the specific deals that will benefit them the most. One of our most popular tire specials is our Low Price Tire Guarantee, which offers reduced pricing on tires from 17 top brands for cars of all makes and models, as well as a 30-day price guarantee.

Another unique offer at our dealership allows customers to get a rebate of up to $125 when they buy four tires from select brands. They’ll also earn 10 points per $1 spent on Ford service if they’re already a FordPass Rewards member. Drivers who are FordPass Rewards members can opt for up to 26,000 bonus points in lieu of a cash rebate. To qualify for this deal, customers need to purchase tires and dealer installation, ensuring the tires are from one of these brands:

  • Bridgestone.
  • Michelin.
  • Pirelli.
  • Yokohama.
  • Firestone.
  • Goodyear.
  • Cooper.
  • Dunlop.
  • Toyo.
  • Falken.
  • BFGoodrich.
  • Uniroyal.

Visit Jim Burke Ford for Your Tire Needs

When customers visit the tire service center at Jim Burke Ford, they’ll get top-notch assistance every time from expert technicians who know exactly which tires are the most compatible with their vehicle and the best options for their driving habits. Whether it’s for a quick repair, a routine tire rotation, or a whole new set of tires, our team makes it easy to keep your car rolling. Contact us with any questions you have about our tires and service offerings, and someone from our team will be happy to help.