Ford Pickup & Delivery Service in Bakersfield, CA

Let us pick up and return your vehicle when it needs service.* It’s part of You Mode. The convenience of owning a Ford. Made just for you.
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Here at Jim Burke Ford in Bakersfield, California, we understand that our customers are busy. While routine servicing and maintenance are essential to keep a car running at its best, bringing a vehicle to a dealership for service and collecting it later can take a big chunk out of anyone’s day. 

That’s why we offer Ford services, such as free Ford Pickup & Delivery, which improves convenience for our customers. We pick up and drop off their cars at a time and place to suit them, whether that’s their home or workplace.

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At Jim Burke Ford, We Make it Easy

Owning a Ford gives you access to a host of benefits, including complimentary Ford Pickup & Delivery.* We will pick up your vehicle, service it, then bring it back. Just tell us when and where. For further questions, just ask.
*Ford Pickup & Delivery is offered by participating dealers and may be limited based on availability, distance, or other dealer-specified criteria. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a Roadside event.

Ford Pickup & Delivery is Complimentary

The next time you need service, we will make the round trip for you. No need to drive to or from our dealership.* You can even schedule service right in the FordPass App.**

*Ford Pickup & Delivery is offered by participating dealers and may be limited based on availability, distance, or other dealer-specified criteria. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a Roadside event.

**FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download.
Message and data rates may apply.

Ford Pickup & Delivery

When a customer buys a new or used car from our extensive Ford inventory, our commitment to them doesn’t end when they drive away from our Bakersfield dealership. We aim to build a lifetime relationship with our clients and take care of all their service and maintenance needs.

To keep a car running like new, it’s important to keep to the Ford service schedule. But we’d hate for a customer to skip a service on their car because they didn’t have time to bring it to our service center. However, with Ford Pickup & Delivery, they need never miss a service.

Owning a Ford gives drivers access to many benefits as part of the Ford Convenience Pack, which aims to make car owners’ lives easier. For example, we offer complimentary pickup and delivery when a car is due for maintenance, so our customers don’t need to make the round trip to our service center, and there’s no waiting around at the dealership while the work is carried out.

They simply need to contact us at Jim Burke Ford and tell us when and where they want their car collected. We’ll then service it at our service center and return it when the work is complete. This enables our customers to get their vehicles serviced with minimal disruption to their busy lives.

For even more flexibility, if a customer has already arranged the collection and delivery of their car, they can change the pickup and drop-off time and place by calling us at (888) 699-0562. With Ford Pickup & Delivery, drivers can still take advantage of our service coupons for money-saving offers.

Why It’s Important Not To Skip a Service

Ford Pickup & Delivery helps our customers avoid ever missing a service, which is important for the health of their vehicles as well as their wallets. Keeping to a vehicle’s recommended service schedule has many benefits, and skipping routine maintenance can have serious negative consequences. Let’s review the reasons why regular car servicing is so important.

Improving Vehicle Safety

Regular maintenance is vital for the safety of a vehicle and its passengers. It ensures that important components, such as the tires, braking system, steering, and suspension, are always in tip-top condition. During a service, our technicians will check the levels and condition of fluids that are essential for the safe and efficient operation of the car. These fuels include the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Neglecting to carry out these maintenance jobs can compromise a car’s safety and efficiency.

Saving Time and Money

Some drivers neglect car maintenance, thinking it will save them a few bucks, but this can actually have the opposite effect. If problems are not detected and remedied quickly, it can lead to much more costly repairs in the future, which also means the car spends longer in the service center undergoing maintenance. Our technicians also inspect other parts of the car during a routine service appointment, which helps pick up any issues early, saving time and money.

Prolonging the Car’s Life Span

Regular servicing means that routine tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and suspension and steering checks, are carried out at the correct intervals. Keeping on top of these services helps reduce wear and tear on a vehicle’s components, meaning the car, engine, and safety systems will last longer.

Improving Fuel Economy

Regular servicing, especially frequent oil changes, helps keep vehicles running like new while preserving their efficiency. New engine oil lubricates a car’s moving parts and helps cool the engine. Over time, the quality of the oil deteriorates as it becomes increasingly contaminated, reducing its cooling and lubricating properties. If the oil isn’t changed at the right intervals, it can cause excess wear on the engine components. The car will also use more fuel as the engine works harder. 

Frequent tire rotations and pressure checks can also help reduce tire wear and improve fuel economy, as they allow the car to run more smoothly on the road.

Increasing the Vehicle’s Resale Value

A vehicle that looks in great shape and has complete service and maintenance records is more likely to attract the best price when selling it. Prospective buyers will see that the car’s been well cared for, which gives them confidence that it won’t let them down.

Jim Burke Ford Multipoint Inspection

Ford owners can also schedule a multipoint vehicle inspection at Jim Burke Ford with complimentary pickup and delivery. Our factory-trained technicians perform this in-depth inspection. It assesses the car’s overall condition and helps detect urgent faults, necessary maintenance, or potential future issues. 

Items that are inspected include the engine and related components, the drivetrain, the steering and suspension, the brakes, the tires, the fluids, the lighting, the windshield and wipers, and the heating and cooling systems. We recommend getting a multipoint inspection before taking a long road trip, buying a used car, or selling a car.

Scheduling Service Is Easy at Jim Burke Ford

We make it easy for you to schedule a service appointment with free Ford Pickup & Delivery. You can book it online, over the phone, or even right from your phone with the FordPass app. If you’re in need of service, you can contact us today. We’ll come and pick up your vehicle while you get on with your day.


A loaner vehicle may or may not be available. Alternative options may be offered as well. Just ask when you schedule your service.

Every service is different. At Jim Burke Ford, we will discuss timing when you book your appointment.

Phone, text or email, however you like.


All warranty and customer-pay repairs are eligible, as long as your vehicle is drivable and not part of a roadside collision. Does not include parts or repair charges.

Check the service tab in your FordPass® App or log in with your vehicle details to find your maintenance schedule here.

Some restrictions may apply. Just call us to find out.

Not at this time.

Just call us for all billing and payment questions.

Yes! All rebates and special offers apply.

Just contact us at (888) 699-0562.

Not a problem! Just contact us for more information.

At Jim Burke Ford, we’re happy to answer any questions at (888) 699-0562.

*Ford Pickup & Delivery is offered by participating dealers and may be limited based on availability, distance, or other dealer-specified criteria. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a Roadside event.