Hello, Bakersfield residents! Are you embracing the electric vehicle (EV) lifestyle? If yes, you’re probably always on the lookout for convenient charging spots. Well, Bakersfield is buzzing with a variety of public EV charging options, all within a quick drive. Let’s jump into the electrifying world of Bakersfield’s top EV charging stations!

EV Charger Bakersfield

A white electric vehicle charging while parked

Nestled at 29541 Stockdale Highway, the EV Charger Bakersfield is a beacon for EV owners. This station offers fast and efficient charging solutions, perfect for those on the go. Its strategic location near shopping and dining options makes it more than just a charging spot—it’s a pit stop for both your car and your lifestyle needs. With state-of-the-art facilities, this charger ensures your EV is powered up in no time!

Electrify America 

Electrify America, located at 4310 California Avenue, is a powerhouse in the EV charging scene. Known for its rapid charging capabilities, this station caters to a range of EVs, making it a popular choice among locals. Its user-friendly interface and multiple charging points reduce wait times significantly. Plus, its proximity to local amenities adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to run errands while your vehicle charges.

EVGo Fast Charging Station 

Over at 6225 Colony Street, the EVGo Fast Charging Station stands out with its ultra-fast charging services. This station is perfect for EV drivers who need a quick power boost. The fast charging technology ensures you spend less time waiting and more time driving. The surrounding area, brimming with cafes and shops, offers a pleasant wait as your vehicle charges.


ChargePoint at 20678 Tracy Avenue is another star in the EV charging universe. It’s renowned for its reliability and ease of use. Whether you’re a tech-savvy driver or new to the EV world, ChargePoint provides a seamless charging experience. The location is also ideal, nestled in a neighborhood that offers a peaceful break from your daily hustle.


In conclusion, Bakersfield is not just oil country; it’s also a hub for the EV revolution, with stations like Jim Burke Ford leading the charge. Whether you’re a local EV driver or an eco-conscious traveler, these charging stations ensure your journey through Bakersfield is always powered up and ready to roll!

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